Peace and respects

As my month guest-blogging here comes to an end, I offer apologies for the intermittent pace of my posts, and I hope that my interventions have been of some interest to the great diaspora of Mutineers.

The Mutiny was already the only site where I hung out regularly; now, after a month behind the sepia curtain, vibing with the fellow bloggers, fielding the many wonderful and crazy things that come in on the tipline, and generally steeping in the sepia stew, I am only strengthened in my feeling that this is one of the most stellar examples of new media-making and community-building on the Web.

One reason for this, I think, is the group blog format; another, the imagination and spirit of the founders; another, the thematic orientation of the site under an umbrella term – desi – that welcomes multiple voices and interpretations.

On the comments on Karthik’s sign-off post, people asked for more female guests, and I agree; I’d also love to hear more gay and lesbian voices, which strikes me as a weak spot here, and a broader representation of the different cultures that come from South Asia. At the same time, I believe that the more these voices express themselves in the comments, the more they will find their way into the posts. The Mutiny is good that way.

How long will it last? Who knows. The Web is funny that way. But so far, so good. I’ll see y’all in the comment threads. Peace and respects to all, and yo, stay desi.

24 thoughts on “Peace and respects

  1. Great work Siddhartha – man those were some intense discussions! I hear that the roads are icy down there in ND so be careful as you drive out… and make sure that Karthik is reading the map right way up this time ;)

  2. Greak work Siddharta, you brought up some really interesting and unusual discussion points, enjoyed them very much. All the best!

  3. ah fevrier! plus vite, plus froid, and made all the more so by your departure, siddhartha!

    however, you’ve also been missed on the comment side of the mutiny. so, velcome back.

  4. Good luck Siddhartha. I hope your purely-scientific and “technical” research on certain dubious female dance moves is going well ;)

  5. enjoyed your posts, thanks — hopefully next time around you can negotiate your way out of Times of Indiaaah duty. :)

  6. I really liked your posts Siddartha. good luck to you.

    [applause! kept mum on any suggestions for next guest bloggers. cheers!]

  7. what’s it called when you give something and then take it back? ;) Oh how the mutiny teases…

    Siddartha, my mixed-blood funktastic brother, on your departure I say “din din nana”. and leave it at that.

  8. Good reading you, Agent S, lowed the posts…keep it ill.

    IÂ’d also love to hear more gay and lesbian voices

    That makes two of us and hopefully more.

  9. Your posts generated a lot of responses, which were quite interesting to read as were the posts itself. Thanks for those and hope to continue to read your remarks on the comments page.

  10. Siddhartha, thank you for your posts, particularly the one on the Clemenceau.