Some Hate, Some Don’t?

As an update to Manish’s post below, I opened today’s Washington Post, surprised to find this item in the Names and Faces column – - DC’s answer, if there is one, to New York Post’s Page 6.

A Bollywood Love Connection

Two of Bollywood’s brightest stars, Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan, are planning to wed, and according to the Times of India, astrologers say they are a perfect match. Rai, 32, is one of Bollywood’s most recognizable ladies, a former Miss India who starred in the movie “Bride & Prejudice.” Bachchan, 30, is the son of legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan. The couple have been in the news with a series of high-profile relationships — Rai dated heartthrob Salman Khan and actor Vivek Oberoi, and Bachchan was previously engaged to actress Karisma Kapoor .


p>It’s telling that speculation regarding two Bollywood stars is making its way into a mainstream American newspaper. Ten years ago, I would never have dreamed of finding an item on two Indian film stars in any newspaper, let alone one of the preeminent papers in the country. That national American dailies are detailing the sordid love lives of Indian film stars (with photos) is kind of groundbreaking and reflects not just a growing American interest in Bollywood and Indian cinema, but also that Bollywood is not just a fly-by night fad and here to stay. Sure the average American may have heard of, if not seen Aishwarya, but do they care, or even know who Salman Khan, Karisma Kapoor and Vivek Oberoi are? I think the Washington Post is encouraging them to find out.


p>As an aside, sure Ash is TMBWITW, but the paper gets it wrong. Ash was never Miss India, but instead a Miss India runner-up in 1994, and subsequently went on to win the title of Miss World. The Miss India title that year (1994) went to Sushmita Sen, who subsequently became Miss Universe.



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  1. technically she WAS Miss India.

    Actually, even though she didn’t win the crown, when Sushmita Sen won Miss Universe in May, she had to abdicate the Miss India crown and by default, Aishwarya became Miss India (since she was runner up) and went on to win Miss World in November.

  2. technically she WAS Miss India. Miss India – World as they call it.

    Technically perhaps you are right, except that she didn’t win the competition and was first runner-up to Sushmita. The winner competes for the Miss Universe title and the first runner up, for Miss World. IMDB says she was runner-up here, and interestingly enough, the bio on her official website has no mention of her being Miss India, or the runner-up.

  3. You guys have been talking of globalization and all that. Since I have heard this news…..All I have been saying is:

    Ab tera kya hoga Kalia (“What about you Kalia?”)*

    • there is a familal connection here in this dialogue, if you know, what I mean.
  4. I’d rather India be known for its heaving mass of poor people coupled with a growing manufacturing/service sector base and technological powess than bloody Bollywood. Its still that exoticisation factor – before it was snake charmers, now Bollywood.

    I’d say coverage in the UK would be more explanatory, given that Bollywood films are now the highest earning in the non-English language category and may soon surpass box-office takings by home-grown British films.

  5. Ash? Married?



    One of my current gripes is hearing the word “bollywood” uttered from beneath the shining eyes of utter imbeciles. Wide-lidded with anticipation, they surge towards the next appalling mishmash of American culture as it consumes and perverts another honourable tradition.

    Wait, we’re talking about Bollywood. Well, Bolly, Holly, two sides of the same coin. So who cares? Good that they’re noticing that we exist. I just wish they would exercise some critical powers in regard to the films.

  6. apparently, nothing’s on between ash and abhishek… yet. This is just speculation because they are two hotties. Astrologers say they match perfectly, doesnt mean they’re going to. At Siddhivinayak temple Amitabh was told that Abhishek will do well if he marries a non-film-related girl. And apparently it’ll be arranged. All this gossip is spreading because she was the first at his party and among the last to leave and her car wa sthe only one allowed to be parked inside his bungalow compound. Amazing coincidences no? (I can’t believe I know all this!) She’s become so skinny her neck vertebrae are showing through her skin. That’s scary as hell.

  7. In light of Aranyi’s comment. She is from Mumbai and knows more than us. I direct my question:

    Ab tera kya hoga Kalia (“What about you Kalia?”)

    to Abhishek Bachchan

  8. If this was in the New York Times or something I wouldn’t be surprised since a lot of desis live in New York.

  9. I agree with Sunny, Bollywood represents the modern-day exotica of India. Vibrant colours! Lavish dances! Gossip, romance, money! How is this even news? Good work on the part of A and A’s agents I say, sending press releases out worldwide to editors who have been duped into thinking this is an important story.

    I DON’T think “Good that they’re noticing that we exist.”

    I DO think Single Mutiny’s Valentine’s Day Massacre Mutiny look is hot.

    I DO laugh at singletons. Today is like Christmas with no family for you. Muahaha.

    Hippy Walentine’s Day you beautiful people.

  10. Why can’t India be known for more than one thing? I think Bollywood is silly, but it is escapism, and I cannot help but think those who hum and hah about it’s visibility around the world are somewhat po-faced killjoys.

  11. Tru dat.

    No, let me re-iterate. On the other thread, you will have heard me defend Indian films. I dislike much about Bollywood, but I also like quite a few of the movies. But I would like to present something more substantial than fucking Devdas and K3G to the Western audience – yet these are two of the most successful Indian films outside India. Ugh. Hence I don’t particularly like brainless coverage of Bollywood, which in this country is almost solely down to one person, Nasreen Munni Kabir. Stoopid woman.

    Having said all that, stories about Kareena and Shahid denying their kisses making the BBC made me smile, even if it makes Indians look like prudes!


  12. No please.. Abhishek n Aishwarya arent good pair.. she is sick.. mentally as well as physically. Abhishek comes from a very good family and he should marry someone from a good family like his.

  13. See, Mom and Dad? I can stay single into my 30′s without giving up hope of marrying a rich, good-looking man from a good family. Now if only I were TMBWITW, or even TSMBWITW, maybe I could get them to buy it . . .

  14. I would have preferred Abhishek to marry someone like Rani(hee hee hee), younger and more fun, but thank goodness its not Karishma!

  15. Sunny:

    I second that. A majority of the films being churned out by “Bollywood” are complete nonsense, and not many Indians do actually like the films, contrary to the belief of Western journalists.

    Of course, there ARE a FEW good films every year, but I would NEVER want India to be known by something as stupid as this. And yes, by over-glamorizing “Bollywood”, we have found a way to discount EVERYTHING anyone achieves for India, esp. the scientists – the current “economic revolution” is a direct result of their work. But people still smirk when I tell them I am doing research…..

  16. No please.. Abhishek n Aishwarya arent good pair.. she is sick.. mentally as well as physically. Abhishek comes from a very good family and he should marry someone from a good family like his.

    I come from a good family too. Find me a nice girl from a good family. Pretty please ;)

  17. “Savya behenji, Why this disgusting and compulsive need for approval? Who gives a flying fig about how India is known? I sense a deeper feeling of inferiority from the statements above. Thankfully, angrezi medium types like you are few and far between. Bolo Meri Saath, Jai bajrang bali Jai Hind”

    hahahahahaha :-)

  18. Uh oh above picture, Ash, tire alert!!

    Yea! was she always that voluptuous in the gut? Now, don’t rail me for contributing to unhealthy body weight images for teenage girls; but seriously, has she put on some gut weight? Was she always curvy, or is it how she’s standing/tightness of this blouse that’s causing this pooch? Enquiring minds wanna know, damnit!


  19. No please.. Abhishek n Aishwarya arent good pair.. she is sick.. mentally as well as physically. Abhishek comes from a very good family and he should marry someone from a good family like his.

    Rajashree: What exactly is your definition of a “good” family?

  20. hey, at least after the marriage she’ll have to stop “acting”…nice that some good is coming out of this

  21. Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchanthey shouldn’t get married!!!!

    Aishwarya Rai and Salman Khan should get married!!!!!!!!!

  22. To whoever mentioned Ash’s ‘pooch’: She has a right to her pooch. She’s 32. Madhuri Dixit had a big pooch, stuck it out, gyrated it, wobbled it and men went weak in the knees. Whatever happened to the good old days of Indian acceptance of the natural female form?

  23. Sunny – Bollywood and rest of India are not mutually exclusive. India is known for the things you indicated. Nothing wrong if it is also known for bollywood, which does generate massive revenues and provides gainful employement to thousands of the poor Indians, not to mention entertainment, however lowbrow.

  24. I do really believe aishwarya rai and abhishek bachan should get married.I liked both of them and they are a beautiful couple.Nevertheless i always believe that a man should be older not the women.At age for a woman to married should be not later than 30 yrs.Reason you should start a family so your kids should atleast have not too old parents as they grow old.

    Does everone agree with me

    Sattie[Canada] toronto ontario

  25. I like Bollywood films because I like the music and dances. I think technically they do great things with camera, phographers are excellent, I guess the best of it are the crew and everybody behind the camera.But I don’t think they are good actors. The “miss” turning actress, is that easy to become an actor? It’s not. Its more than glyceryn tear eye drops…Bollywood show I guess unreal world…are all the girls in India like that? Do they live like they show in the movies?…It’s like soap operas in Latinamerica..people likes them beacuse it’s a “dream”. Life is difficult.. who cares if they get married or not… (Ab & Ash)

  26. to all those with the ash / abhi comments. they are married now. so speculation at the time was correct.

    so what more do we have to complain about now? :-)