Happy New Year

Happy new year or, as we say here in North Dakota, (smack) ‘More rum, in-tern!’ Inspired by a Rushdie fable, I’m spending a couple of days traipsing around Moorish country without a Moorish girl.

I have lost count of the days that have passed since I fled the horrors of Vasco Miranda’s mad fortress in the Andalusian mountain-village of Benengali; ran from death under cover of darkness and left a message nailed to the door. [Link]

True melodrama. Take that, writing workshop.

Orangedrinks. Lemondrinks. CocaColaFantaicecreamrosemilk… In pointy shoes and a puff… With his Fountain in a Love-in-Tokyo… [Link]

May all your Orangedrinks Lemondrinks dreams come true.

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year to you too Manish and to the other Mutineers as well. =]

  2. Happy New Year Sepiites and all the commentarians. My first one at the Mutiny and may you celebrate many more to come. Manish, I’m a bit slow – are you actually in Spain? Is this some metaphorical thing?

    Anyone do anything exciting for NYE? I’ve stuck a wee vid of London’s celebrations up.

  3. bongbreaker: was in atlanta, didn’t see the peach drop but hung out with a crowd of 150 cheering in the new years at private party with good friends.. not bad, not bad at all…