49 thoughts on “Caption Contest

  1. Man thinks to himself:

    If I just put my hand here on my mouth and pretend to be looking down she’ll think I’m in deep thought and I can get a good view of her rack every ten seconds – great angle

  2. “I’m going to close my eyes and pretend that she is 7 of 9 and that this is a three dimensional chess board”

    (Only Star Trek fans will understand :)

  3. Mommy! She’s almost naked! I can’t look! I can’t look! Oh my – I wonder if she can see my … reaction through the table! All the blood is draining out of my brain!

  4. Carmen: Jawohl, I have das kleine Indianisch man in der palm of mein hand with this wicked endgame strategy.

    Vishwanathan: Ayyo, such a shapely form she has, maybe I offer her my Coke and she’ll give me her number… damn, checkmate already?!

  5. “This overheated room is killing me in my three-piece suit. I can’t come to chess matches dressed like that! Or maybe I can . . .”

  6. So far my votes are for

    “Damn. How come she always gets to be White?”


    “Anand actually won this game four and a half minutes ago.”
  7. How can he not feel hot n sweaty – sitting in a 3 piece suit n moreover ‘ME’ around.. please pass me on the ice tray someone.. {i don’t need it for the coke but … ]

  8. Carmen : “Is that a bomb in his pocket or is he just pleased to see me ?”

    Viswanathan: “If I bite my finger hard enough it might go back down…..Oh my God, I hope she doesn’t notice what I’m doing with my left hand…..”

  9. Viswanathan thinking “I can finish her off, but i’ll just extend the game a little longer”

  10. “After Anand was nearly disqualified for his reaction to Kass’s handling of the King, Anand agrees to close his eyes for the remainder of her moves.”

  11. And the kingdom was destroyed…except for that mysterious brown pawn who wouldn’t fall down

  12. Simi Garewal asked Vishy Anand on her celebrity show that where he thinks his sex applies lies:

    The answer was classic

    How could you ask such an embarrasing question?

  13. Viswanathan (biting his finger to stop himself from screaming): “That’s the biggest right hand I’ve ever seen !!! It’s the size of her head !!! Aarrgh…..the horror…..the horror…..”

  14. Saheli that chessboxing link was nuts. My favourite line, when introducing the lawyer was

    “He fights for your rights, while he smites with the right!”

    Rhyming a word with itself, classic. I’ve played shot-glass chess, which levels the chessboard somewhat when playing someone better than you. But perhaps chessboxing is the way to go, seeing as all the best chess players I know weigh about 7 stone.