It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

Well, it seems that my month-long tryst with Mutiny is about to end.  When I first headed up to the North Dakota HQ, I was just a small-town gal with a laptop and a dream of bringing general-interest news stories to the South Asian community.  I leave here with an enhanced appreciation for the bloggers and readers of Sepia Mutiny, and also with scenes of unspeakable North Dakotan depravity seared into my brain. 

Before I turn in my linens and SM-monogrammed guest towels, I just want to thank all you readers for not tearing me to shreds, and for your kind and thought-provoking comments.  And of course, thanks to the Mutineers for being such helpful, hard-working, and gracious hosts.  Finally, thanks to Shakti Kapoor for helping make all of this happen for me. 

See you in the comments section!

20 thoughts on “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

  1. I’ve always wanted to tell you this, but somehow have never found the way:

    When I read your name, I always think of that KLF song, 3 am eternal. So, in my head, it’s all “A.D.S. is gonna rock you!”

    Um, yeah, this isn’t at’all going where I wanted it to!

  2. “Maybe all the Mutiny guests should start a group blog together!”

    i.e. mutiny in the Mutiny… sorry couldn’t resist!

    Great posts ads – always very informative. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, everyone!


    will you be my sunshine? (after the rain?)

    let’s don’t wait til the water runs dry.

    maisnon, Have you been controlling me by telepathy?

  4. little pledge Ads, whatever shall i do without you to bother, paddle and haze? the bunker is a sadder (and dirtier) place without you, darling girl. thank you for everything you contributed to the mutiny, especially all of those large, extra-foam, one-shot lattes that you fetched so obediently from north beach. oh, yeah! the posts were great, too! ;)

  5. Great topics Ads, and thanks again for the Apu thread. “Apu” appeared to take an interest in continuing to contribute to that, and any similarity to my own style of writing was of course purely coincidental ;)

    All the best.

  6. The Day the Laughter Died :| Shakti Kapoor… too funny, girlfriend :-) And thanks for not resorting to the canned laughter of the Internet, the emoticon ,-)

  7. Thanks to you, I have Boyz II Men songs stuck in my head. OK, maybe just one. Just wanted to say good job… I look forward to rockandroll posts.

  8. Ads, you were my favorite guest by far. Hilarious, memorable posts. Wish they were wise enough to keep you, will be following you where ever you go.