Tee party


You can finally buy Sepia tees and hoodies. Also check out the funny desi designs in the second half of the store.

You’re welcome to post design or color requests here, but please send any questions about the underlying shirts or order status to Spreadshirt. They use Fruit of the Loom, American Apparel and Hanes tees. A tip on ordering: the designs called ‘flex print’ are the most durable. The other designs eventually fade with repeated washing.

We make $5 per tee to help pay for blog hosting. If anyone’s ordered from Spreadshirt before, please let us know how the t-shirts turned out.

Here’s the store.

91 thoughts on “Tee party

  1. Patti, you want turbans? Check out this pic of Bobby’s t-shirt. Or ask Turbanhead to open up his own online shop full of lovely old woodcut images. ;)

    My ex used to use that moustache ride line all the time to be tacky. I am SO buying him that shirt for xmas. (this is the one who won’t return my cartoon anatomy San Francisco Sex Information shirt – “The clit – 1) Know it. 2) Use it.” because he loves the reaction he gets when wearing it) He wants it immediately, of course. Current bf has neither facial hair nor a sexual sense of humor, so no shirt for him! ;)

    Personally, I want a shirt that says “Horn OK Please.” Fave India-related phrase EVER. Someone’s squatting on the domain, dammit.

  2. Horn OK Please is my favourite too! The girlfriend and I are very fond of it. We collect posters of wacky Indian signs, I’ll scan them in some time. Surely T-shirt designs aplenty in them. Who needs engrish when you gots hinglish?

    I’ve made a few T-shirts of me own courtesy a friend with a small business. I quite like one that has a big picture of a cock on it. A male chicken you dirty-minded lot. It sums me up perfectly.

  3. You could have Apu’s full name on the front, with his surname extending around the side all the way onto the back of the shirt……

  4. Or “Pony Up, Robin. Pony Up !”

    *Apprentice/Raj Bhatka reference

    Or “Riz Khan Revival”…..

    Or “I love Monita”…..

    Or “Sepia Mutiny. Now outsourced to Bangalore”

  5. Wow, you’re fast. Remind me, do you actually have a job?! ;) That’s cool stuff. I fear delivery to the UK would be rather pricey. Oh yeah and I’m a tight-fisted Scrooge.

  6. Manish, thanks! I shall order everything tonight.

    And Bong Breaker, you’ve exposed Kunal to the whole world now! Now I won’t look anywhere near as cool prancing around in his exclusive t-shirts! Damn you, I discovered him 2 years ago in the first place, in Shoreditch when Talvin was DJing. :p Just for that, I’ll give you a t-shirt with my logo on it for xmas, so that YOU may advertise ME. ;)

  7. Yes, terrible of me to advertise someone’s business so that he can make money! I’m so sorry!

    And my dear fair gora, I already advertise you. But I would be more than happy to receive a free T-shirt. I mean I would be more than happy to advertise you on a T-shirt.

    I am currently wearing another fave T-shirt of mine. Speedy Gonzales, my idol.

  8. BB – You probably advertise me by putting my number up in a phone booth, accompanied by a pic of some feather-haired bimbo with an American flag thong, innit? Yeah, just you wait until I splash your face all over the Daily Mail, accusing you of purposely giving pensioners avian flu on the NHS.

    No, I’m all about starving artist Kunal getting some pounds into his account, even if it wrecks my unique wardrobe. But what he really needs is a visa, right? This is where SepiaDestiny dating service needs to come into play, but Abhi hasn’t done it yet. ;)

  9. 1 -

    feather-haired bimbo with an American flag thong

    Sorry, don’t understand your objection to this. Are you trying to claim it’s NOT accurate?

    2 – How did you find out about my avian ‘flu stash?

    3 – One of our mutual friends was willing to marry the fella simply to keep him in the country. Even that article doesn’t seem to have helped him…whereas I’ve been positively deluged with an offer.

  10. A few more ideas:

    “Sepia Mutiny: Spreadin’ da love since 1857″ “Sepia Mutiny: Spilling the daal since 2004″ “Ek Aur Galassee” “Show Me The Paisa !!”

    [A really suicidal one] On the front it says “I went to Gitmo…” and on the back “…And all they gave me was this lousy T-shirt !”

    You could have various versions for the ladies too, eg: “Bhoochie Queen”, “Chalu Chokri”, and so on…

  11. i want a tshirt with a picture of ennis… the suspense has been killing me for quite a while ennis singh

    HAHAAH That makes two of us!

    fairest gora of them all, thank you! OMG!!!! Now, I’m DYING to track down where you can one of those!!! That is too damn cute! Ok, dearest Turbanhead, you heard the call, and Ennis! We need MORE SARDARS ON SHIRTS!!!!! Ach, what am I saying, I’d better set to work myself! ;) anyhoo…still gotta know where I can get one of those shirts….man, I may need two or threee, might wear one out!

  12. I’d love the “Suitable Girl” on a long-sleeved hoodie

    Thankyou :) Will be purchay-sing soon

    and Yes A N N A, everyone loves a Suitable Girl

  13. I’d be all over that Veerappan shirt if it came in any color besides white… I’m stuck doing laundry on coin-op machines… which means any white clothes I have don’t stay white for very long…

  14. …”Horn OK Please”…Fave India-related phrase EVER.

    When I visited Bombay around 8 years ago the kids were all wearing “Horny OK Please” t-shirts from Tantra (“India on a T-shirt”)

  15. I’d be all over that Veerappan shirt if it came in any color besides white…

    amen. i’m not a fan of white tees, at all.

  16. i want a tshirt with a picture of ennis… the suspense has been killing me for quite a while ennis singh

    blush Keep that up, Sikhgirl, and my ego will get to large to fit on a t-shirt.

    Besides which, don’t you like your men … mysterious?

  17. at least, the t-shirts! they are awesome and I am gonna grab some for me. good work, folks.

  18. Hey guys, is there any way that y’all could get the “Rushdie has a posse” design on a long sleeved hoodie? pretty please?

  19. good call, DDIA. I’m a lot more compelled to drop coin on the soft goods if I’m a walking billboard for the mutiny :)

  20. I’m trying out my business acumen to help the mutiny sell shirts. That and I’m practicing to be the next desi meanie on Apprentice…

    besides, I’m a girl– one shirt a wardrobe doth not make ;)

  21. I am currently wearing another fave T-shirt of mine. Speedy Gonzales, my idol.


    I wouldn’t advertize that if I were you, BB ;)

  22. Although in most cases it would probably be copyright infringement, why not tshirts with your various banners on them