Reminder – Mutineer Meetup in SF – Sunday July 31

Just a gentle reminder that we look forward to rallying the west coast mutiny this weekend.

TIME: 5pm
SPACE: Caffe Greco
PLACE: 423 Columbus Ave, San Francisco,CA



HRH Anna & I will be holding court. Come one and come all.

11 thoughts on “Reminder – Mutineer Meetup in SF – Sunday July 31

  1. we’ll be there until we get kicked out or my fetish for french fries @ calzone’s overwhelms me. whichever comes whenever. ;)

  2. Damn – I got stuck in rural CA without internet access, and couldn’t let you know that I wouldn’t be able to make it, even though I said I’d be there… (dies of guilt…)

  3. DDD-

    how odd…i was at greco until 9pm. i’m troubled that we missed you…next time, we’ll accost all the potential attendees who fit our profile, and we won’t have this problem. ;)