Sachin? More like Sach-OUT, for a few.

tendulkar.jpg Somewhere, a bench is about to have a really famous butt on it:

Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar will be out of action for at least four months after undergoing surgery on his troublesome elbow.
The 32-year-old batsman had the operation in London on Monday.
Karunakaran Nair, the secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, said he could not say how long Tendulkar would be out for…
He first suffered what was originally described as “tennis elbow” while batting in the nets in the Netherlands last August.

Surgeons say that the procedure for a “condition affecting the extensor tendons” was complication-free. Tendulkar is expected to make a full recovery.

11 thoughts on “Sachin? More like Sach-OUT, for a few.

  1. Jennifer Lopez has a famous butt, David Beckham has a famous knee and Tendulkar now has a famous elbow.

  2. We are all famous for something…no?

    Worse news that Sachin being out for months is that Glamorgan has signed Ganguly. Why oh why oh why does the UK have to endure this blinking muppet?

  3. Anna – we didnt know you were a cricket buff !! In anycase, Tendulkar needs to be replaced. Interested?

  4. Anna – we didnt know you were a cricket buff !!

    blush i wouldn’t go so far as “buff”. i’m still learning about it and i can’t wait to attend my first game. i like my “all blacks” shirt very much. :)

    it’s more that i’m terribly fond of boys named sachin. :)

  5. during the 90′s when Sachin was carrying the rest of the team, I saw this billboard in Delhi (advertising for Amul Butter),

    “Tendu, Ten don’t” ;-)

  6. I saw this billboard in Delhi (advertising for Amul Butter) -”Tendu, Ten don’t”

    That Amul hoarding was a reference to the ’96 WorldCup Semi in Calcutta where India crumbled pathetically to Murali on a pathetically crumbling pitch we’d hoped to catch them on….Sachin made 63 or so, the other ten made 63 or so between them. That was Vinod Kambli’s finest moment on the world cricket stage – weeping on the way back after a thoroughly spineless performance. I wept too, that day. And back in school the next day, learned that the whole of India did.

    uh, just my 2 paise worth……

    And talking of “buff”s… Wish there were as many in cricket as there are every year at Wimbledon. :p

  7. For buffness, I refer you to Italian football, the Serie A in particular. I then point you in the direction of Maldini, Nesta and Totti. I’ll throw Brazilian Kaka in for good measure. Tis indeed a beautiful game.

  8. I’ll throw Brazilian Kaka in for good measure.

    Please desist from jettisoning feces, of whichever country of origin.

  9. Anna, Have read ur comment on such an important issue of present Indian Cricket. Remember 10dulkar is supposed to be the god of Cricket in the sub-continent.It is true that he is struggling these days to regain his form.I think he would also be much worried than any other person to be back on the ground with earlier enthusiasm. But, the comments made by Creg Chappel were really brave and it seems both Chappel and 10dulkar would discuss and this is the last option looking now which will boost Sachin’s confidence again,Remember; being out of form for such a long time would bend any persons confidence but this is the time when our hero needs the support from the people for whom he plays.Injury is not a very serious matter, the tennis elbow needs only some time to heal and the person is expected to continue his activities with some precautions. That’s it…

  10. Hi, it was nice to see ur comment on tendulkar.He is such a hero of cricket.I’ve seen him in the Toronto championship.He is so humble and it would be great to see him back on the field.We shall pray for his good health.

  11. Sachin is a Great batting genius; no doubt. But in several matches ; during his out of form phase ; i have seen his face in distress during batting as if he has no solution to the bowling attack & then surrendering after consuming several deliveries. What makes me thinking is how come a batting sensation of his class suddenly losses confidence in himself & performs like a low graded newcomer. There is a vast difference in the past & present Sachin. There was big period when he used to take Indian batting attack single handedly & nowadays inspite of good batting line up Sachin FAILS. This is shocking for me as I am his biggest supporter ; and trust me when Sachin returns in form(Touchwood) entire India would Cheer up for the Great man.