Abha Dawesar in DC tomorrow

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Wordsmith Dawesar presents her electrifying Babyji in DC tomorrow night:

Reading from BABYJI
Olsson’s Books @ Penn Quarter
418 7th Street NW
Thursday May 26th, 7 PM.

I’m almost done with it and it’s fantastic; Babyji may accomplish what even my father couldn’t– it might persuade me to study physics. Intrigued? You should be. What other novel contains a come on like, “I want to collapse my wave function into you.” Now that’s hot. 😉

12 thoughts on “Abha Dawesar in DC tomorrow

  1. Its all hype Anna. Math and physics come-ons don’t work in the real world. I once tried “I want to get orthogonal to your plane,” on a girl and she just walked away.

  2. I am also about half-way through and really enjoying it.

    She’s an engaging reader; I has the chance to see her at a SAJA reading a few months ago.

    Have fun, Anna, and tell us how it is.

  3. I want to get orthogonal to your plane
    let’s calculate our coefficient of sliding friction’

    OUCH. These lines make me physically cringe…and I though I was a geek.

  4. Bad marketing, folks. If you are a maths nerd like me, you tell the women that you are a “symbol artist”…throw in some random nonsense about feeling the “art pain and suffering”, look sufficiently tortured and you are in like Flint 🙂

  5. We once made t-shirts for our IEEE branch that had a huge vector on the front and the following inscription on the back “It’s not the length of your vector that counts, but how you apply the force”. All the girls thought it was hot, and we sold a truckload of them.

    Ok, the hot part was my fantasy. The girls probably took it back to their dorms and threw darts at it, but hey, we still sold a truckload.

  6. Anil: I hope you’re already married, because you surely killed all chances just now 😉

    Geek humor, the love that dare not speak its name, is best treated with a conspiracy of silence– unless you’re out and proud 😉

  7. well maybe the whole

    I want to collapse my wave function into you.

    line was hot b/c it was said to a nubile woman BY a nubile woman. it’s not like any of the examples given in previous comments involved THAT combination. oh my, i’ve become a typical frat boy, haven’t i? i need to be deprogrammed. 😉

  8. Anil: I hope you’re already married, because you surely killed all chances just now 😉

    Damn! When I read about how evolution is all about the survival of those who are most eligible for reproduction, I suddenly feel all cold. Like I’m the last of my kind.
    Beats me why girls don’t find such stuff hot:
    roses are #FF0000
    violets are #0000FF
    all my base
    are belong to you

  9. But what are the sex scenes like? Any good? Thats the only reason I’m going to read this. Lesbian nymphets in India. Just tell me if they’re any good and if possible give me the page numbers so I can just skip straight to them in Borders over a coffee thanks alot.