%$#&?@ Vestern influences

no pants here.JPG Professional Indian women are trading one type of pleated garment for a far less attractive substitute (unless they’re choosing “flat-fronts”, that is):

A survey of Indian women’s preferred daily clothing has shown that more female professionals are choosing trousers over the traditional sari. The study results show that sales of women’s trousers have surged by almost 10% over the last two years.

Why all the drama?

“Let’s face it, the sari is not an easy garment to deal with. Women find it difficult to work in it with all the pleats and it does tend to be cumbersome,” fashion writer Hindol Sengupta told the BBC.

Worry not, traditionalists. Regular old Indian clothes still account “for three-quarters of the women’s apparel market”. Huzzah.

2 thoughts on “%$#&?@ Vestern influences

  1. There has been a definite trend away from the sari to the salwar kameez for proefessional women over the last decade – at least in Bangalore/Chennai. I dont see too many trousers.

  2. It is intresting to see that professional women in India are turning away from the sari due to practical reasons.

    Whereas professional men in India who wear heavy business suits despite the hot Indian weather, do so out of pure vanity.