Huffington Toast (updated)

Dimly sensing through his/her reptilian sub-brain that Greg Gutfeld’s contribution to the Huffington Post wasn’t offensive enough, someone doing a parody of that site took it even further:

Keep the curry and coffee flowing and I’ll get right on it. — Kumar…

“damn i spilled curry in the server…”

Have you withheld curry from them, too?

Because who’s M. Night anyway except another one of those curry-eaters with long last names who all look the same.

As for the original post, Om Malik says, ‘Huffington Post: Now promoting culturally insensitive racist pigs.’

Update: In Saturday’s update, the hilarity keeps coming:

I have no idea how that IED [roadside bomb] ended up in my backpack… — Kumar

Because desis and Arabs are the same, brown people from that-thar region who need to be killed.

51 thoughts on “Huffington Toast (updated)

  1. Um, some corrections here: Huffington et al aren’t racists. Republicans are racists. Remember?

    Also: Robert Hughes never used the term “curry muncher.” That false story has been widely debunked.