Oliver Wang gave a discerning review of MIA’s CD Arular on NPR’s Morning Edition, sidestepping the political hype and keeping the spotlight firmly on her music. He’s no slouch of a wordsmith either:

“Many music critics have played up her exoticness as she was the love child of Neneh Cherry and Che Guevara or the prodigal daughter of the third world returning home to soundbomb the empire”

The radio clip [RealAudio], is only 4:34 long, and worth listening to. Tomorrow, Morning Edition will be interviewing “the man who helped to spark the MIA Buzz.”

6 thoughts on “MIA CD RLR @ NPR’s ME

  1. “Arular plays like the soundtrack for the best video game never made”

    So true!

  2. Hmmm.. “the man who helped to spark the MIA Buzz”…My money is on Sasha Frere-Jones. He wrote a breathless piece on MIA in the New Yorker last November and gets a shout out on the Arular liner notes.

  3. You mean they didn’t interview you? Drat. Well, if you would, comment here tomorrow and let us know what you thought of it.