Desi uncle in the import / export bidness

Oh simple trader, I hope thee rots in hell -

NEWARK, N.J. (Reuters) – A British man was found guilty of trying to provide material support to terrorists on Wednesday for selling a shoulder-launched missile to an undercover FBI informant posing as an Islamic militant seeking to attack the United States. Hemant Lakhani, 69, a British citizen born in India, was found guilty of five criminal charges by a U.S. District Court jury in Newark, New Jersey, that began deliberating on Tuesday.

His defense – racial profiling -

But while the prosecution depicted Lakhani as an enthusiastic broker eager to supply a terrorist group, the defense said he was a victim of overzealous law enforcement in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

7 thoughts on “Desi uncle in the import / export bidness

  1. This guy is probably scum. But also don’t forget to arrest Smith + Wessun’s entire board of directors and the NRA gun lobby for peddling weapons of mass destruction that terrorize and kill Americans every day.

  2. vurdlife: if guns are weapons of mass destruction, then does that mean that Saddam had them after all? :)

  3. It’s more than annoying when people do this; frivolously playing the race-card makes genuine cases of racism harder to prosecute and engenders backlash from the majority that sees these frivolous charges for what they are. Sorry Hemant; go to jail, do not collect $200, and shut your mouth!!

    -Bob MinorityRetort

  4. the ‘bidness’ word cracked me up.. perfectly describes the shady dealings of an inept uncle type.