2 thoughts on “Separated at birth by a time machine

  1. To think Moby once used to be a thoughtful observer of political events. Today he has been reduced to spewing vile invective at anything having to do with Bush. It just goes to show that partisanship can rot the brain, if you’re not careful. Especially true for the opposition, because you can’t help being angry from time to time. But as Martin Luther King Jr once said: “There’s another reason why you should love your enemies, and that is because hate distorts the personality of the hater….You can’t see straight when you hate. Your vision is distorted….There is nothing more tragic than to see an individual whose heart has filled with hate….He becomes a pathological case.”

  2. thoughtful observer of political events

    Really? And here I just thought he was a musician who got into a tussle with Eminem. ;)