Nepal lays smackdown on dissent

Nepal’s crazy King Gyanendra tries his hardest to make the Maoist rebels look like an attractive alternative:

Police arrested about 120 anti-government activists nationwide Monday for defying a ban on protests to show their anger at last month’s seizure of power by the king… Since the king’s power grab, many politicians have been taken into custody or driven underground. [AP/Yahoo!]

No one in the country will hear about it, since the press has been adequately muzzled:

King Gyanendra imposed sweeping curbs on the media as part of emergency rule introduced last month. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) says that about half of Nepal’s newspapers had ceased to publish since the king seized power. A number of journalists have also been detained on charges of showing dissent. [BBC News]

AP/Yahoo!: 120 Nabbed for Defying Nepal Protest Ban BBC News: Nepal journalists urge free press

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One thought on “Nepal lays smackdown on dissent

  1. bollocks. yeah thats it.actually king is well liked by all xcept the corrupt netas /newspaper…. everyday we we see lots of big guys take a fall in tv so this media censure is big BS spread by commies.those faggots want nepal to be another cambodia.well guess what,king is gonna kill them b4 they kill us.

    a greatful nepali.