“Cruz”ing for babes

Since we have been having a rather contentious debate about the state of poverty in Calcutta, and whether those Kids with Cameras have been exploited, I found it relevant to throw in this little bit of celebrity gossip. Zana Briski isn’t the only woman looking out for Calcutta’s children. From Hollywood.com:

Penelope Cruz plans to follow in Angelina Jolie’s footsteps by adopting an orphan baby.

The 30-year-old Spanish beauty wants to mother one of India’s homeless children after becoming deeply attached to the country following her work with Mother Teresa’s missionaries in Calcutta four years ago.

Jolie adopted baby Maddox after a visit to a Cambodian orphanage in 2001 and plans to welcome more children into her family.

Cruz says, “I love babies. I’ve wanted to be a mother since I was a little girl.

“I’ve been to India a few times and seen a level of misery I’d only seen on the news.

11 thoughts on ““Cruz”ing for babes

  1. here’s some more about ricky martin… i swear i only know about this cuz i got home from work early one day and left the tv on while i passed out on my couch =)

    Ricky Martin

    apparently he’s trying to save girls from prostitution in india, a noble cause. the interview was interesting and he seems to have “matured” a lot.

  2. Is all of India just misery? no.

    Are a sizeable number of people in India very miserable? yes.

    I have lived in India for 21 years and I have seen there a level of misery I have only seen on TV in the united states. I have also enjoyed a level of luxury there that I have only seen on tv in the United States (yeah I’m a poor student here).

    Where’s the controversy?

  3. Well, I am from India, all the pretty girls from Hollywood adopting babies from Asia, seem to wanting to redeeem thmeselves from the excess of Hollywood glamour semen available.

    If one poor baby has a better life for it…no objections from me.

  4. Actors are basically idiots. They parrot the words of other people, are generally mediocre intellects,and they wallow in self pity. This is even more the case for rich, multi millionaire actors, who get paid tens of millions of dollars for appearing in movies, and having their picture taken at fashion shows and coming out of nightclubs at 3am, and all the speculation about which other rich actors they are sleeping with.

    There comes a point in every rich actors lives, though, when they realise how shallow their existence is, how superficial they are, how needy and whining they seem, how obscene their self absorption is when they give interviews about their ‘struggles’ and ‘art’, when they get paid millions just to prance about in front of a movie camera for a few weeks.

    What better way to absolve yourself, make you feel as if you are not a superficial self absorbed idiot, than to adopt and rescue poor brown children from hell? And at the same time give interviews declaring it, telling the world about what a sensitive soul, you are, so caring and wonderful and blah blah blah

    Advertise it! You are a tortured soul! When you saw the misery, I felt their pain, I am not just a self obsessed narcisstic superficial idiot! Feel my pain!

    Adopting makes sense. You dont have to get pregnant and it avoids stretch marks and flaccid breasts. And it stil gives you time to be an international superstar etc etc etc and all the other really important things in life.

  5. Yes india has a lot of misery, if she wants to adopt an orphan baby let her.

    Desis never adopt babies from outside their family anyways. So quit complaining.

  6. i think she’s well-intentioned in her actions. celebs make ignorant statements all the time, but atleast she’s doing something to help.

  7. epoch

    [Desis never adopt babies from outside their family anyways]

    Wanna bet? I have two cousins who have adopted children in India and my best friends sister adopted too.

  8. call me cynical but isn’t it just a pr stunt? i mean realisitcally, isn’t it gonna b a team of nannies looking after the baby rather than the gorgeous ms. cruz??