Girls in white dresses with blue-satin sashes…

Little Malayalee kids are so cute:

Dubai: A nine-year-old girl from Kerala has won 100 kg of gold, worth about Rs.60 million in India, in the world’s biggest gold promotion event at the Dubai Shopping Festival 2005, it was announced here Sunday.
“I don’t know the value in rupees, but I know 100 kg is a lot of gold,” said Shakiba Asif, when told that she had won the prize. The family had got a coupon for Dh.250 (about 3,000 rupees) that won the grand prize.
The 10th Dubai Shopping Festival, which ended Saturday, has proved to be lucky for the Asif family from Malapuram in Kerala, though Shakiba said she did not know the number of zeroes in the total value of the gold she had won.
But what Shakiba – a fourth standard student at a school here who nurses the hope of becoming a doctor – was sure that she wanted to buy “a lot of new dresses”. And what is a lot?
“Two”, she said promptly. “Also I want to give sweets to my schoolmates.”

Awwww. What a dear. I hope she gets her two dresses, and that she pirouettes happily in them. 🙂

A big TY to our favourite gori Andrea for leaving the link in my diary’s comments. I love posting about sweet things. Speaking of, who among you sweet things wants to take me to next year’s shopping festival? I saw an excellent segment on this extravaganza while watching the PBS show i adore most– Globetrekker. Dubai sounds like my kind of town. 😉

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  1. …to our favourite gori Andrea…

    Dang! Do they know what “gori” really means? Think I’ll have to switch to “safed chiknee” or some such. I hope chaptaa and muccoo are still relatively safe. 🙂