The Little Terrorist

The movie Born into Brothels isn’t the only film featuring South Asian youngsters to get an Oscar nod. So does the short film The Little Terrorist about a boy that climbs over the wrong fence in search of his cricket ball. From The Times of India:


Ashvin Kumar’s Little Terrorist has been nominated for an Oscar in the Short Film (Live Action) category. “The news hasn’t sunk in yet… I didn’t see the nomination coming but after I received a call from the Academy three weeks back, I thought I might make it,” says Ashvin, son of fashion designer Ritu Kumar.

Little Terrorist is about crossing boundaries and is based on the true story of a Pakistani boy who crosses the LoC after his cricket ball lands on a minefield in Indian territory. “The boy is given shelter by an elderly orthodox Hindu Brahmin and the relationship between them is what my film is about,” says Ashvin, pointing out that though the setting of his film is political, the essential theme is that of humanity. “The film shows how, despite artificial boundaries and barbed wires between people, the basic human instinct to give shelter to an innocent remains — no matter how many lines are drawn between people.”

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