Riding the Delhi metro

I rode the Delhi metro the week it opened its first underground route:

Extra-wide cars, fully automated driverless trains, all-electronic fare gates with magnetic farecards and cool magnetic tokens, overhead electric wires that are safer than a third rail, floor-through layout so you can walk from one end to the other without opening doors… this subway system has the finest in Indian, err, South Korean tech. The subway feels and sounds like the D.C. metro. It’s faster and wider than Boston’s, newer and more luxurious than New York’s.

Check out the photos.

6 thoughts on “Riding the Delhi metro

  1. Can I just say that the Boston “T” is an embarrasment? I know there are some new cars, but on the whole, the thing is dirty, smelly, nausea-inducing and part of the general shabbiness (oh, sorry, Old World charm) of the place.

    And yes, I know that has little to do with the post. I just had to vent.

  2. newer and more luxurious than New York’s

    yikes man we’ve got some of the filthiest subway’s

  3. I am not sure Delhi new metro has got fully air conditioned system in the trains and the station halls as in beautiful trains in Rio de Janeiro. Metro trains in Rio de Janeiro look like round-bodied big planes ^^

  4. How about the loutish types that abound in Delhi? Have they discovered civilized behavior or do they eagerly board the trains in the hope of being able to grope women? I am pessimistic that air conditioning will solve that problem.

  5. Hope the Delhi system is as good and clean as Kolkata’s, which has Rabindra Sangeet piped into stations.