Goldie Hawn dumps Kurt Russell for Pakistani Politician

What is up with alluring South Asian men lately? Apparently, famous women can’t resist them! ;) First Liz Hurley and Arun Nayyar, now this?

From “stuff”?

We could spend the whole column this week trying to untangle the web of intrigue surrounding Imran Khan, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Jemima Khan, her children and Hugh Grant.
…The story so far has the sprightly sexagenarian Goldie doing a runner from California to be at Imran’s side at a get-together in India, where “friends” say they were very pleased to see each other. New Idea tells us Goldie has become obsessed with Imran since meeting him two months ago. One witness was “amazed” at the display of affection.
Back in California Kurt is telling friends he thinks Imran is a bit of a dog and that Goldie is “kidding herself” if she thinks Imran is serious.

What do Jemima and Hugh ‘ave to do with it? Plenty. Jemima (daughter of the late billionaire Sir James Goldsmith) is Imran’s much younger, formerly jewish, currently lapsed muslim ex-wife. I throw in those extraneous details because we are gossiping (just pretend we’re leaning over steaming cups of tea), and they are juicy, innit?

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New Idea claims that Jemima and Hugh are about to walk down the aisle, but it will be without her two boys, who can’t stand the fey Englishman and his upper class twit schtick.
The mag claims Imran has taken time off from swanning round with Goldie to tell friends he thinks this is funny.

And to tie it all up with a very pretty bow, let us not forget that the reason most of us discovered Liz Hurley was…because she was dating the soon to be Mr. Jemima-Haiqa-Goldsmith-Khan Hugh Grant.

My head spins. More chai?

6 thoughts on “Goldie Hawn dumps Kurt Russell for Pakistani Politician

  1. and liz hurley totally sickens me. comeon she stole her bestfriends husband, and he is such a dog too.

  2. abcolute rubbish i dont think imrans ready for all this shit…besides he knows very well wat pakis will make of it all if they discover imrans being cheeky….paki politics!