Youngest certified computer geek

Microsoft’s newest certified professional is an 8 year old Indian kid. From Channel News Asia:

An 8-year-old boy in India has established himself as the youngest ever certified computer professional. This, despite being born with a severe physical deformity.

Channel NewsAsia’s Atul Jolly caught up with the amazing whiz kid. Mridul Seth is the youngest ever Microsoft-certified computer professional in the world. It’s equivalent to a degree obtained after sitting for an Engineering exam.

All this, at the age of 8.

This news actually comes to Sepia Mutiny at the most opportune of times. We were looking to add another writer to our blog. But, does Mridul have what it takes?

He cannot speak properly, but that has never stopped him from mastering computers.

He became an expert in HTML, Photoshop and Windows before he was 6.

Yeah. I think he’ll fit right in here.

3 thoughts on “Youngest certified computer geek

  1. hi , when i read this , in the age of 8 year she has done nice job . she is grete if she has done this ..

    when i am also not become as an expert of phtoshop and html ..

    carry on


  2. I got shocked when i heard it,actually i my name is mridul-but different one

  3. HiMridul. this is Anuradha,your St mary’s classmate.wish u luck. let no one stop u. waiting to hear about your anothrer genius