Julie Ann Titus thinks Anand Jon smells


Goddess bless Nirali Magazine, for being so gosh-darned entertainin’. You MUST peep this excerpt from the excellent website’s interview with our favourite female reality show reject– it seems that Julie Ann Titus of America’s Next Top Model fame has some memorable opinions on certain fashion designers:

You said you specifically want to do men’s apparel. Why?
Everybody goes so crazy with women’s clothes—it’s not even fashion anymore, it’s costume. I just think guys look better in their clothes. My dad always dressed up in really nice suits for work. I thought, guys should wear suits all the time. And I want to incorporate Indian style, too. I was so excited when I met designer Anand Jon on the show.
What was that experience like?
I saw him walk into the room, and I went crazy. I mean, I’ve studied his work. But he was an interesting character. I wouldn’t want to hang out with him, that’s for sure.
Why not?
I respect him as a fashion designer. But he was very, very rude to some of the girls. He seemed so boring to me. I asked him what part of India he was from, and he asked me, what part of India are you from? So I said I’m from Kerala, and he looked at me kind of crazy. He’s Malayalee, too. He asked me if I knew any Malayalam, and I said I only knew the bad words. Then he says, “Shouldn’t you be serving us or something?” [Titus and the other cast members had to serve four of the girls who won that week's model challenge.] So I walked away, cursing at him in Malayalam. He said, “Oh, so now you know it?” And he smelled bad. The girls looked at me and were like, are all Indian guys like this? And I was like, nope, just this fool right here. Later, my parents told me that they know him through family friends.

So what’s next for you, now that you won’t be cursing out fashion designers in Malayalam?
I’m back in Kent, finishing up my associate of arts degree. But I’m still pursuing modeling at the same time. I actually have been talking with a modeling agency in Washington—it’s supposed to be the best agency in Seattle.
So no regrets about doing the show?
Oh yeah, it was an interesting experience. I had a good time.

A good SMELLY time! ;)


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9 thoughts on “Julie Ann Titus thinks Anand Jon smells

  1. i dont know really,,,what was the point of this but all i can say ’bout Anand he’s great….nice guy..that’s all

  2. i dont know really,,,what was the point of this

    why, to let the world know that julie ann titus thinks that anand jon is smelly. isn’t it obvious?

    we aren’t worried about whether or not he was nice to you. we are so glad that he was. it’s just that in addition to that, we are curious as to whether he is stanky. :D

  3. the whole point of this story is that julie ann needs to get into modeling she is a gorgeous indian female and anand is just a lucky guy that he is a designer. his talents are limited and he has no class! please anna and michelle put a lid on it!

  4. put a lid on what? i hate to type this, but i barely understood you.

    i think julie rocks. i hope she DOES become a model AND a force to be reckoned with in whatever else she chooses to do. i am happy that anand jon is a designer– even if he smells. that sums it up for me. :)

  5. if he smells so bad, why don’t one of you “good friends” do him a favour, and let him know? this commenced as a joke, but now i’m really starting to wonder…

  6. thanks Sandeep, the badmash strip is a riot!

    I guess we’ll all run for the hills if Anand Jon comes out with a perfume line

  7. who are all of you chatting about? who is this designer? ive never heard of him???? julie is really beautiful. she was definitely the prettiest out of all the models on the show!