Treating AIDS patients like animals

I usually think its great when some do-gooder American goes to India or Africa to help with the AIDS problem, but not like this. From

Police in India are seeking government permission to extradite three Americans for allegedly testing an animal vaccine on Indian patients with HIV 10 years ago.

The indictment names Pierre Emanuel De Gaspe, a Florida-based financier, Dr Bharav Bhattacharya, a veterinary scientist from New Jersey, and AIDS-patient counselor Dr Maya Gogte whose hometown in the US was not available.

All three are charged with medical negligence leading to death.

The case dates back to March 1994, when 10 HIV-positive patients were allegedly injected with a Bovine Immuno-deficiency Virus (BIV) vaccine meant for cows during medical trials conducted in Mumbai.

How often do we allow extradition of criminals anyways? Not including for torture I mean.

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