From the mouth of a babe…

Julie Ann Titus is no longer in the running for America’s Next Top Model. Has-been/Naomi Campbell-successor Tyra Banks sent our girl packing, ostensibly because Julie didn’t “want it” enough. Whatever.

The October 25 issue of In Touch magazine featured Julie in its “Losers of the Week” column. I painstakingly reproduce the extensive three question interview for SMers here: ;)

What have you been doing since getting kicked off?

I’m going to school, and then I’ll start my fashion business.

Are you glad they didn’t cut your hair short (during the makeover segment)?

I have good hair, why mess it up? Women should have long hair.

Are you over wanting to be a model?

Nope. I still want the world to see my face.


Word, JT.

Oh, and despair away boys…here’s a snippet from Julie’s exit chat transcript from the UPN website that may be of interest to you…

missy: Last season some of the photos had nudity involved. You said your parents wouldn’t like that, would you do a photo like that anyway?

Julie: I figured my parents would get over it because they blessed me with good genes. I wouldn’t have problems with a nude shoot but a more conservative family would.


Julie, we hardly knew ye…or what ye looked like nekkid. ;)

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