The effect of androgens on man-in-the-moon marigolds

Wrestler Dalip ‘Giant’ Singh: a living testament to the effect of androgens on fetal development. 7’3″, 408 lbs, claims to eat five chickens and 24 eggs a day.

Wrestler Tiger Jeet Singh. Not so large, but like Hasselhoff, he’s big in Japan.

…running amok in a Japanese arena, bedecked in a turban and brandishing a menacing sword. Bellowing like a bull elephant in heat, he attacks members of the ticket-paying audience, scattering them hither and yon… He once mauled the editor of Tokyo’s largest sports daily newspaper. Another time, the Tiger demolished a Mercedes with a baseball bat in downtown Tokyo during rush hour… He claims that Japanese wrestling fans will not wash those parts of their body he has struck, so honored are they to be pummelled by Tiger Jeet Singh.
The jawans on the India-Pakistan border, from the always-funny Sin.
… the border guards are all MASSIVE. The midget amongst them was 6’8″ tall… the guards (quite literally) utter these primal screams at the other side of the border, in some sort of bizarre alpha-male routine. The whole macho element of guns, sabres, and massively magnificent moustaches is, however, completely ruined by the modern dance routine that ensues once the “parade” begins; although it defies description, lets just say that it involves high-kicks, stomping, twirling, a hip-shimmy, and much prancing.

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  1. Clearly they must be genetically contaminated with the DNA of physically superior races. If you look at their faces, they look too “white” to be Indian, and they get laid far too often. Therefore, the only explanation is that they must actually be white.

  2. My husband and I just watched The Longest Yard and I was mesmerized by the Giant Dalip! he is wonderous! I have never seen anyone as huge as he is. I think that the people questioning his race and size or retarded! After reading his bio I am pleased to find a humanitarian in such an unlikely package.

  3. this guy is huge and i just found out that he is getting a wwe contract watch out kane and bigshow

  4. Dalip Singh is clamed to be andre the giants son i highly dout it but do you answer that?

  5. Dalip is not Andre gaints son…. dalip singh is born in punjab and i have seen him ones live at the show.. he is hugee…… proud punjabi blood.

  6. you are write true punjabi…. dalip is not andre giant son…dalip singh born is himachal.and . we proud him.

  7. Wow! Giant Singh (Great Khali) is so amazing in the WWE. Andre the Giant can’t be his dad because Andre the Giant was 6’10″ in real while Singh is 7’3″ or something like that. Once again, wow!

  8. i am the mid heavy weight wrestling champion of azad kashmir, pakistan and i have wrestled all over the world.i have noticed that the wwe do not have a pakistani wrestler on the roster.i have wrestled in u.k and france,spain.greece,caribean,middle east,dubai,and pakistan and am soon to go to japan.wwe is too much show and my style of wrestling is more hardhitting and

  9. yo shak the claiming wrestler it wud be better for u just do bout ur business all pakiz r nothin but bunch of braggers doin nothin but boasting full of attitude dalip singh a.k.a khali has done indians be precise dalip singh is from himachal a tiny state in the northern hills of india i have seen him in the advertisement for the milk product called verka which many of my panjabi “mitrans” wud recognize it is true that 80% of himachal ppl speak punjabi so it wud not b wrong to label him panjabi Actually he is Shera punjabi regards

  10. this madar brown thinks that white is a superior race , then why all english women fantasise a black dick in their pussy.teri maa ki chud brown.

  11. dalip singh is a sikh-punjabi and just being born in himachal does not make him a himachali. by the way, anyone who thinks that the white race is a superior race is a moron.

  12. Dalip Singh Rana, AKA, The Great Khali, is not a Sikh but a Punjabi Hindu. He follows Ashutosh Maharaj. He is the Hill Rajput.

    He is a genuine giant. There is no genetic abnormality. He is gifted with great genes and he has done a lot of hardwork.

    Andre Giant was one ugly guy with no muscle definition. Dalip Singh on the contrary has a bodybuilder definition.

    Another giant Punjabi was Praveen Kumar who won Asian Games gold medal for Hammer Throw. But he was only 6-7”.

    If he manages himself well, Dalip Singh is all set to become the greatest legend that wresling has produced world over. Dara Singh (6’2”) and Tiger Jeet Singh (6’3”) are midgets compared to him. Although , Dara Singh must have been a better wrestler among these three. Dalip Singh does not need to be better wrelster. His size and power are enough to floor the ”better wreslers”

  13. As far as I know, the practice of having the title of “Singh” as a part of the first name and then following it with the family name or the surname is followed by some clans in the Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan and only by Sikhs in the Punjab and definitely not by Hindu-Punjabis. Also, the surname “Rana” is a very common Sikh surname. He may be following Ashutosh Maharaj but I don’t think following someone changes the religion you are born in. The above comments are to the best of my knowledge, so please correct me if I am wrong.

  14. brruuuaaaaaa! dalip is singh and singh is kingh and he should be proud to be a singh(lion)

  15. ‘Singh’ last name is very common among Hindu Rajputs and Hindu Sainis of Punjab. HP has a large Hindu Rajput population who speak Punjabi.

  16. What Wrestlemanic says must be true, but as I said earlier, having “Singh” as a part of the first name and then following it with the surname is a practice followed by only the Sikhs “in Punjab” and not by Hindu-Punjabis.

  17. ignorant uk sikhs like gurpreet singh want to claim anythng good in india is pujabi. firstl, a middle name as singh followed by last name is acommon RAJPUT practice, that sikhs borrowed. SECONDLY, Rana is a very common name amongst rajputs of himachal, kumaon, garhwal and nepal. asp, he actually LOOKS pahari as he has slight khasiya features.

  18. Hey “dude”! Read my post properly before calling me ignorant as you yourself are. Nowhere have I said that Dalip cannot be anything else but a Punjabi. All I said is that I have never heard of Hindu-Punjabis using the title of Singh, though there may be some. What that means is that if he is Punjabi, then he’s most probably a Sikh. Otherwise, he could very well be Himachali, garhwali etc. I don’t have a problem with that as I am proud to be Indian and then Punjabi. P.S. I don’t know why you think I’m from UK as I am not. It’s pretty funny you seem to be one of those people who generalise a lot. Also, are you jealous that anything that is best in India is related to Punjab???

  19. Rathore, Punjabis are not only present in most parts of the world, but are successful in whatever endeavour they have indulged themselves in. All u have to do is come out of your fantasy world, open your eyes and watch news or read the papers. Or simply be aware of whats going on in the world by whatever means you have. Your post actually didn’t merit a response in the first place. But I still replied as I think it is my duty to educate my fellow Indians. Since u asked for only one reason, I gave u just one, though I have many more. If you are still ignorant and shameless enough to ask for more reasons, come forward and be my guest. Also, I’m proud of Dalip Singh for what he has achieved and not because he is Rajput, Sikh, Hindu etc. as I really don’t care. I only care for the fact that he is an INDIAN like me, and a very proud one at that.


  20. Punjabis are not only present in most parts of the world, but are successful in whatever endeavour they have indulged themselves in.

    I can testify to that. Some of the best cab drivers in North America are punjabi immigrants.

  21. yeah u r right, dilip singh!! but some people consider some jobs to be menial and small. i think u can testify to that as well. lol.

  22. Cab drvers….taxi drivers….bus drivers…..truck drivers…yeah.yeah;-) Great i m proud of punjab;-))

    i ve been in a lot of punjabi company lately n m sick of punjabis raving mad bout how great punjab is,etc. This very factor(combined with other personal factors ) led me 2 get involved in many fights with my fellow punjabi collegians. yea,what makes punjab greater than other states? Business-Marwaris eg.Laxmi niwas mittal(rajasthan) Studies-Keralites Warfare-Rajasthani Rajputs have no match

                      yeah there may b many punjabis excelling in many fields but 'every good thing is related to punjab',that's no way to put it gurpreet.Why r u guys so

    proud……just chill man…..i’ll wait 4 ur reply

  23. It’s very long but do read it Rathore!

    Irrespective of your personal opinion on punjabis, i would like you to know some facts: You are right when u say marwaris are the best in business in India. but they are not alone, gujaratis and punjabis both are close on their heels e.g. Ranbaxy pharma is one of the biggest of its kind in the world, headed and owned by punjabis, Sant singh Chatwal in the US has a big chain of hotels, he alone donated $1 mn. when John Kerry stood against Bush the last time. then there is Vinod Khosla, venture-capitalist par-exellence. these are just the few that come to mind right now, unfortunately. there are uncountable punjabis who went to the west with just a few dollars and set up huge business like hotels, motels, petrol pumps, general stores, cafes etc. etc. And mind u, they are damn successful. Now, studies is something which no community has a monopoly over. Indians in general are good students. but then again, there are no IIMs, IITs etc. where punjabis are not present. Now my fave topic of warfare. It is absolutely wrong to say Rajasthani Rajputs have no match. this shows u have limited knowledge about India’s military history. no doubt rajputs are damn good, but their sacrifice and the amount of wars and battles they’ve fought pales in comparison to the Khalsa army. the khalsa army itself was made precisely to fight against the muslim tyranny in India. not only that, they warded off the notorious afghans when they repeatedly invaded India, for its land, money and women. there too, the paltry number of sikh soldiers fought the mighty afghans and rescued numerable women from their clutches. and also, apart from saving them, they used to escort every woman/girl to her house, no matter whether it was in punjab, rajasthan, and even maharashtra. the rajputs did fight courageously, no doubt, but many of the rajput rulers also allied with the mughals by giving them their daughters, the rathores of marwar being one of them. this, in return of right to rule their specific strong-holds. and if u don’t know, the sikhs had not yet come into existence at that time. Had the rajputs been so great, there wouldn’t have been a need to make the Khalsa army. had the rajputs been so good, the muslim population in rajasthan, UP, MP wouldn’t have been so huge. punjab, even after heavy migration of muslims from UP etc. has the lowest muslim population amongst these states. the bravest regiments in our present army are the sikh as well as the jat, and they have always been. there is this one very old instance during the pre-independence era where 22 soldiers of the sikh regiment (then called by some other name) bravely kept away an estimated 10,000 pathans from the Saragarhi fort for around 6 hours and then laid down their lives. not only the Army, but even the British bow their heads in respect of this feat till date. now this is something which has never been matched, and never will be. also, the most shaheeds in the wars are punjabis (for example, most killed in kargil war belonged to the village of Hoshiarpur in punjab, and it has a long history when it comes to this). and i am too small a person too comment on those uncountable punjabis from every family in punjab who laid their lives down for India’s independence. you wanna know wat makes punjab greater than other states, well, for one, it has the highest per-capita income out of all large and medium sized states in the country, more than even kerala, atleast in the last two years (out of the small states, it was goa). punjab was also rated best for infrastructure, investment in realty, health etc. by this study conducted by the india-today magazine. it also is the granary of India. this state has provided brilliant talent in numerous fields, u can’t even count them on on one hand. be it sports (Milkha singh, for one and a long, long list of players who represented India in Hockey, winning us gold medals. not to mention cricket, wrestling, boxing). though on the other hand, our current pathetic state in world hockey can be attributed to another punjabi, KPS Gill, hahaha. if u know, the people who are making the west aware of our rich Indian culture and tradition are punjabis and not rajasthanis, marwaris, keralites etc. punjabi music is everywhere, so is its food. after the gujaratis, we are the most successful communities outside India. when it comes to working hard, there is no match to a punjabi, be it a cab/bus driver or a business tycoon. and yes, they don’t feel any shame in carrying out these so-called small jobs like driving a cab. unfortunately, this Indian attitude has kept many a peoples’ mentality backward. I agree i was wrong in saying “every good thing about India is related to punjab”. i realised it as soon as i posted my comment, but i could not delete or rectify it. now, from the above, don’t u think that the punjabis DO have a lot to be proud of? and don’t forget that i can’t possibly mention every good thing about punjab, otherwise the list would go on. if u dont’ believe what i’ve posted, well, u have the right to do it. u can also verify my comments, thats a better option. sites like are good if u wanna know about the rajput and sikh contribution to Indian military, past and present. u mentioned marwaris being good in business, keralites in studies, rajputs in warfare. but thats where the story ends. they don’t have anything else to be proud of. whereas the punjabis are very good in all these fields and many more. isn’t that worth being proud of for a small community and part of India? I understand that u are sick of punjabis ranting about their state, as i have experienced the same (though not with punjabis). but don’t u think when someone is presenting facts, sound reasons and also the source of info, u will be acting a bit unfair in feeling sick?

  24. Gurpreet singh,are u in ur right senses when u say”no doubt rajputs are damn good, but their sacrifice and the amount of wars and battles they’ve fought pales in comparison to the Khalsa army.”? u guys have fought the muslims in what can b historically called’recently’.u act very literate but u dont prove 2 b so.700A.D.-the first invasion of india by the ‘sword of islam’muhammad bin qasim with a large army :Rajput king Bappa Rawal’s rajputs were outnumbered but numbers could not withstand rajput courage n agility.Bappa rawal was killed and mohammad bin qasim’s march from turkey to india was halted.Since then,rajputs have fought innumerable wars with the afghans,turks and other similar barbarian races and kept them in was only in 1192 ad when the afghani b******* could enter india that to by attacking the rajputs(opium drunk 4m the night) before sunrise when the rajputs didnot fight.i think u know the details about the war n about prithviraj chauhan already(if not there r a million sites) .I didn’t mention that the chauhan empire stretched all over north india and till n beyond kabul.Mewar,marwar n the whole of rajputana expelled the afghans from their territories immediately while punjab could not do so.These punjabis were the ancestors of the khalsa army soldiers who(i dont believe it one bit)” kept away an estimated 10,000 pathans from the Saragarhi fort for around 6 hours”.it is rightly said”it is our ancestry which shapes our character”.with this type of ancestry….. .The biggest fault in the rajputs lay in the fact that they were loyal to the clan and not the country this led to many inter clan wars .if not for this very factor the hordes of attacking muslims could never face rajput grit.Do u know that jaichand rathore actually joined ghauri to attack prithviraj which turned the tables in the 2nd war of tarain …i cant keep on describing i hope u will read this site’s description of the rajput resistance and wars fought and if u read it ,i m sure u will not make that remark again.

                             amount of wars fought by the khalsa army is highly insignificant compared to the rajputs my dear friend.

    see some quotes by various foreign historians on rajputs; In his Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan James Tod wrote:

    “What nation on earth could have maintained the semblance of civilization, the spirit or the customs of their forefathers, during so many centuries of overwhelming depression, but one of such singular character as the Rajpoot? . . . RajastÂ’han exhibits the sole example in the history of mankind, of a people withstanding every outrage barbarity could inflict, or human nature sustain, from a foe whose religion commands annihilation; and bent to the earth, yet rising buoyant from the pressure, and making calamity a whetstone to courage. . . . Not an iota of their religion or customs have they lost. . . “.

    According to James Tod in Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan:

    “Ten thousand Muslims fell in the onset, which cost seventeen hundred Rathores, besides Guhilotes, Haras, Gaurs, and some of every clan of Rajwarra. Aurangzeb and Murad only escaped because their days were not yet numbered. Notwithstanding the immense superiority of the imperial princes, aided by numerous artillery served by Frenchmen, night alone put a stop to the contest of science, numbers, and artillery, against Rajput courage.” This is janes tod’s review of the war fought between jaswant singh rathore &Aurangzeb.

    Captain A. H. Bingley stated: The Rajput race is the noblest and proudest in India . . . . They form a military aristocracy of a feudal type. They are brave and chivalrous, keenly sensitive to an affront, and especially jealous of the honour of their women. In disposition they are manly, simple, honest, and as a rule have none of the cunning and intrigue of the Brahman. The chief characteristics of the true Rajput are pride of race and inordinate extravagance. In Rajputana . . . the chieftains of this tribe have ruled from time immemorial and he feels himself free and a member of the ruling race. In no part of the world has the devotion of soldiers to their immediate chiefs been more remarkable than among the Rajputs. (1898, 162)

    i can go on & on ……..but i dont have a lot of time at my disposal right now. yeah n about the muslim population….i can assure u that the density of muslims in rajasthan is a lot less than that in any other state .i do hope u come 2 rajasthan some day