suddenly i want something pink with goose in it…

if you’ve ever wasted an hour or five surfing Friendster, you’ll see that the women who patronize it often list “Sex in the City” under “favorite TV shows”. i could write an entire post about how it is actually “Sex AND the City”, but i’ll refrain. that’s what my own blogs are for. 😉

anyway, there’s a reason why the interweb’s greatest timesuck popped in to my head: sex AND the city? meet the league of women voters.

Jean Seo of san francisco decided that what america needs right now is a site “dedicated to showing why voting makes single women FABULOUS!!!”. also bills itself as a “ladies guide to demystifying voter registration”.

i say “bravo”– i think we can all be in favour of whatever it takes to get people to the polls. my favourite page of the site deals with the “F” word:

Why are We So Fabulous?
We’re fabulous because we have the power to decide this year’s election. And everybody knows it…
…Unmarried female voters have the potential to become the most incredible agents of change in America. After all, we control 21 percent of America’s voting power.
We didn’t know that we had this strength until recently. It’s like when Luke Skywalker finally realized his own actual power. (Yes, voting let’s the force be with you.)
When we didn’t vote in 2000, we were just saving our secret powers for 2004, right?
If we can get our girlfriends to register and vote, we will have the power to make the world pay attention to us.

by the by…true to the character this URL pays tribute to, a pair of Manolos WILL be given away. if that isn’t reason enough to click, you don’t know shoes. 😉

via feministing

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