Now I know what “samadhi” means

wiki shot.jpg Uncleji’s comment about “A boy named Sue” led me to Wikipedia, one of the sites I adore most on the interweb.

Whenever someone leaves a wiki-fied link, I gleefully click through and then I always check the “main page” to see what’s up. Without fail, I find something fascinating to read and learn. Today? No exception. :)

Raj Ghat, a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi is a simple black marble platform that marks the spot of his cremation on 31 January 1948. It is left open to the sky while a flame burns perpetually at one end. It is located on the banks of the river Yamuna in Delhi, India. A stone footpath flanked by lawns leads to the walled enclosure that houses the memorial. Two museums dedicated to Gandhi are located near by. The memorial has the epitaph Hey Ram, the last words uttered by Gandhi, meaning, Oh Lord!

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This one’s for all the Wikipedia fans in the house (here’s lookin’ at you, Anna): they have a seven-month-old topic on Indian-Americans and a two-month-old one on Pakistani-Americans.

The topics aren’t all that fleshed out yet, and some of the sections have glaring misspellings and errors. You can click the edit link to correct anything, so head on over and edit away. I love that I can immediately fix whatever’s broken in a wiki. That instant gratification is bloggity goodness.

Strangely enough, they also have a topic on this blog. Be gentle — it’s our first time ;)

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For 39 years, “One People, One Nation, One Destiny”

coat of armsWe’ve been accused of a lack of lowe for Guyana, so I thought I’d point out that serendipitously enough, today is Guyanese Independence Day. Wikipedia says so on its main page, under selected Anniversaries. By the by, did you know that Guyana is half desi?

the three major groups are the (East) Indians or Indo-Guyanese (50%) who have remained predominantly rural, the Africans or Afro-Guyanese (36%) who constitute the majority urban population, and the Amerindians (7%) who live in the country’s interior…

Guyanese flag

Christianity (50%), Hinduism (35%), and Islam (10%) are the dominant religions in Guyana, with the latter two concentrated in the Indo-Guyanese community.

Word. SM is down with ALL brown, y’hear? :)

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