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Dear Sepia Mutiny readers,

It has been nearly two years since we have held a pledge drive to keep Sepia Mutiny rolling along. Our server costs come to about $65 a month (yes, we have thoroughly researched cheaper options). For the last six months I have been paying out-of-pocket to keep things going. We have been ad-free for seven years strong now, and unlike the NY Times, aren’t considering putting up a paywall. Every one to two years we ask our readers to pitch in whatever they can if they appreciate the service our bloggers provide.

If you don’t want to use the Paypal link above but would rather mail in a check, then please write me at abhi [at] sepiamutiny dot com for a mailing address. In case you are curious, 100% of the money goes to paying the server costs and blog related upgrades. We don’t pocket any of the money. We will keep the Paypal link live until we have collected enough to keep the blog going through 2012.

Thanks in advance to anyone who appreciates this site or the conversations that occur here or are started here.

13 thoughts on “Help keep Sepia Mutiny going strong

  1. This site is terrible I urge all desi’s to NOT donate to it. Its an overly liberal, whiny piece.

    God Bless!

  2. Abhi,

    You should have phrased the $65 as being 1. what it takes for you to fill up your Camry’s fueltank at Boston’s Gas and Grosery [sic] 2. your moustache-care kit 3. the amount you borrowed from your friend when he was piss-faced stoned/drunk 4. the value of your internet services that you’re intercepting for free

    • It was not meant to be funny. It was supposed to be ultra-serious. Fundraisers that I contribute to justify me “borrowing” money from my friend when they’re excessively inebriated. I wish that I brought with me a credit-card processing device while they’re down and out.

      Oh – it’s totally not funny that gas is $4/gallon.

      Moreover, the desi grocery store can’t even spell “grocery” is a sad state of Indian-American affairs here.

      Intercepting bandwidth is totally sad. One Indian guy stole $38B, and nobody saw one penny of this. OTOH, I intercept a little bandwidth here and there – but only the ones between 4GHz-4.2GHz – and I do so for charity. I’m the Robin Hood of Comcast Customers here in Boston.

  3. please add some ads. i would love to see some ads on this site. never understood why some sites put no ads. you could just put one ad, on the side or the top. no one’s experience is going to be spoilt with one ad!?

  4. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been paying out of pocket, Abhi. I’m happy to donate. Thanks to all of the mutineers for the hard work and years of dedicated community organizing. As for the haters…don’t like what you read here? Try posting something thoughtful to encourage conversation or just start your own blog. That has to be more productive than saying hateful things.

  5. I don’t understand why you don’t allow some ads. Maybe link to Amazon at least. It’d be unobtrusive. You have the traffic; why not get some funding for it? Most people have adbocks on their browsers anyway and never see ads.

  6. One of my friends runs a successful personal blog and she generates almost $3,000 a month, and her ads are completely unobtrusive. Also, she can pick and choose her ads, for what she tells me, and she allows advertisements from great mom-and-pop stores and trade-friendly and eco-friendly products. If you do this intelligently, and with heart, you could allow some socially conscious brown businesses to get some customers.

  7. We are currently researching ad option – if you have a service you’d like to suggest using or any creative ideas, please be sure to hit us up on the tip line.

    • Why not just set up googles adsense banners on your site. Not that difficult to do and it may more than cover server costs.

  8. Oh, so are we going to be seeing ads for and soon? ;)