Jai Ho for Jai Paul

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Is it a mohawk or a mullet? With a mo-mullet haircut like that, you can be sure that anything coming out of this 21 year old Brit is anything but average. #MusicMonday for today comes from my latest musical obsession – Jai Paul and his song BTSU (h/t Abhay).

BTSU starts with the tiny, pretty whisper of Don’t fuck with me, though it soon explodes from its small man/big mouth beginnings into a synth storm. Then the squall settles again, back to lazy snare snap and his little coo. At some point there’s smooth saxophone, just a touch. [thefader]

You can download the track here (via Abeano) and keep tabs on Jai Paul on his myspace to see what he comes out with next.

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8 thoughts on “Jai Ho for Jai Paul

  1. Wow. It’s been, who knows how long, since you’ve posted this song and I’ve been pressing repeat constantly– sending it to all my friends. It’s like Prince/D’Angelo meets J-Dilla meets 80s arcade meets heaven.

  2. FADER was on point…madonna meets pete rock and some other ish.

    Good stuff…but I dunno about the haircut. I might have to smack him if I see him :)

  3. Finally something original. This guy is good – echoes of Prince in there as well.


  4. this is, without a doubt, some of the sickest sh*t I have heard for a while. Go Jai Paul! Looking forward to more!