Commonwealth Games caption contest

Damn, security at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi must be tough! Is this some new technique where they spray a silver coating on you then x-ray to see if you swallowed something dangerous? Perhaps someone has a better explanation. CAPTION CONTEST!

How about this one:

14 thoughts on “Commonwealth Games caption contest

  1. For the first picture: “You are carrying something metallic and we are going to find it even if it takes all day.”

  2. And as an explanation for the paint, that is a performer in the welcoming program for the athletes.

  3. Photo #1: Fair and Lovely is proud to be an official sponsor of the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Fair and Lovely is not responsible for any skin damage resulting from the intentional misuse of its products.
    Photo #2: I heard that in preparation for the CWG they were clearing all of the beggars off of the streets in New Delhi but this is ridiculous.

  4. Picture # 1: All that glitters is not go. Picture # 2: Youth Congress leaders join the action at CWG.

  5. Image #1: “I thought that I’d have a silver medal for winning second place, but this is too much.”

    Image #2:
    Monkeys: “Go build your own damn bridge.”

  6. 2: “It’s is fiasco, got it? FIASCO! The next person who uses the term ‘monkey business’ to describe the CWG is going to end up with a coconut for a head!”

  7. I know we’re not supposed to encourage anonymous commenting, but boston_mahesh’s caption for #2 (Monkeys: “Go build your own damn bridge.” ) made me guffaw out loud.

  8. I hope this young man prepared the only fitting protest, by playing pocket pool before going through the scanner so that he gave the goon the raging full salute.

  9. Can we have a button “expand all anonymous comments” ? There’s no way I’ll ever register. sorry about that.

  10. 1: “Shut up, we didn’t get time to buy a silver medal, so pretend you are the real thing.”

    2: “Making slogans it’s “our city, our people”! But when the entertainment cancelled Bandar Group was suddenly good enough for you, eh?”