Anonymous comments now hidden by default

As we promised, beginning earlier this week, all anonymous comments (comments you leave without signing-in via one of our many sign-in options) are now being hidden by default. Other readers will have to click to open your comments (good luck counting on that). We strongly encourage you to sign in. Otherwise, why bother leaving a comment when so few will see it?

15 thoughts on “Anonymous comments now hidden by default

  1. Can we have a “see all comments” button so we do not have to click individual anonymous comments? Do not underestimate the importance on anonymous comments. 🙂

    • Good question but the answer has to be “no.” We’d like the conversation to take place primarily among people that have logged in. We are far less likely to have people respond to trollish comments (and derail the entire thread) that way.

  2. I tried avoiding the anonymous comments. But they stare at me and I get all curious. Then I end up clicking and reading them first.

  3. I still think anonymous posts are better because not everyone likes creating logins for every site they use. (Or even if they do create a login, it’s sometimes a hassle to when you’re at a different computer and can’t remember the password).

  4. thumbs up so far! the comments aren’t as vigorous yet, from what i can see, but i also perceive far less unpleasantness already. over the long term that’s going to build trust and reciprocity in the community. good show!

  5. Anonymous comments not hidden to me by default- not sure if I’m misunderstanding how it should work but thought this was an appropriate place to flag it up. (Chrome / Ubuntu)

  6. I’ve been a lurker for several years. While I love this blog, I found the comments repellent; it seemed that writing a comment almost always invited some form of verbal jousting and/or intense debate. That’s cool every once in a while, but it’s exhausting if it happens all the time and so I never joined the conversation. I might just start now. Thanks Abhi!

  7. Do anonymous commentators show up on the “who just commented list” on the first page? So if you click on that commentator you arrive at a hidden comment?

  8. i believe the readers are mature enough to ignore trolls guys are behaving snobbish for long …and ur content is so boring…as well .