Daily Show on Salahis

If you haven’t already, peep The Daily Show’s take on the White House Gate Crashers. (Jon Stewart regarding Michaele Salahi, “Is that lady fondling our vice president’s man boobs?”)

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Oh, and Abhi don’t take offense at the fact that none of the mutineers received an invite to the White House, even Aasif Mandvi found himself on the outside when it came to the main event.

Jon Stewart: “So you a prominent Indian American, did not receive an invitation to the dinner? And did not get to go to said dinner?”

Aasif Mandvi: “That’s right.”

JS: “But the Salahis were there, they did get in.”

AM: “That is what I’ve been told.”

JS: Was the president at the lunch”

AM: “No, no he was not there. But I got to meet Kal Pen. Again.”

8 thoughts on “Daily Show on Salahis

  1. I’m surprised nobody’s raised an eyebrow over Tareq’s name: Tareq Salahi. It’s obviously arabic and everybody knows arabs are terrorists right? So why is the media letting this dude off? Just because his skin is pale and not dark, or what?

  2. i’m surprised nobody has realized the insult built into their surname – saaleh Salahi!

  3. not sure but I think he’s Christian Arab. There has been a Christian Arab presence in the America for most of the 20th century because there were quite a few immigrants from what was called “Syria.” Probably Lebanon and what is now Israel. Ralph Nader and Marlo Thomas and that guy that played Corp. Klinger in MASH are 3 examples. There have also been Christian Arab members of Congress, but but don’t ask me their names. It’s the Islam more than “Arabness” that has made for problems. I remember reading about Muslim Arabs at Ellis Island circa 1912 who had come to America to stay. The Christian “Syrians” passed muster. However, there was a lot of fuss about the Muslims because the women wouldn’t take off their veils for identification and there were other taboos that could not be reconciled at that time. I don’t remember whether they were sent back or chose to go back, or whether they eventually disembarked. Islam was a totally alien thing, and a mystification to the Ellis Island officials. Western ways must have been equally uncanny to the Muslims immigrants, but they had, in any case, chosen to come. Very interesting. Because of my own past, I always wonder what drives immigrants if not dire necessity.

  4. The head of the Secret Service asserted Thursday that the security breach at last week’s White House state dinner was an aberration and President Barack Obama was never at risk. Mark Sullivan said three uniformed officers have been put on administrative leave. The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Bennie Thompson, said the country is fortunate the affair didn’t end in a “night of horror.” http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D9CBVNP00&show_article=1

    Atleast they didn’t launch any shoes at people at the WH…