SM Pledge Drive Time: Help us keep blogging!

Dear SM Readers,

It is time once again for us bloggers at Sepia Mutiny to extend our empty cups and ask for donations to keep this website running. Remember, every time you visit our site it costs us money. We don’t bother you guys with any money-making ads on this site, nor do we sell out to the man and write what he asks us to write for cold cash (I drive a Honda Accord with 120,000 miles on it). We blog only the truth from our bunker headquarters in North Dakota, shunning the high life.

Much like NPR and PBS hold an annual pledge drive, we are asking you to donate whatever you can via our Paypal link. Keep in mind that we haven’t asked for any donations in 2 years! If you don’t want to use Paypal but would rather mail in a check, then contact us for a mailing address. Donations will keep our website ad-free and crap-free. Our administrator extraordinaire Chaitan, will soon put up a thermometer on the sidebar showing our progress in raising funds. It will disappear once we have met our goal for continuing service. If enough of you give just a few dollars we might be able to meet our goal in under a week like we have in the past. As an added measure (since it is only a trickle in terms of revenue) you can also take Amardeep’s recommendation from earlier today and help us out by buying South Asian literature (or electronics or DVDs, etc.) via our Amazon Affiliate link (we’ll soon put up a permanent widget). It will give us a nominal commission.

Whether you love this site (all you wonderful commenters and lurkers who use us as a time sink) or hate us (you fundamentalists who send us unintentionally humorous death threats) I’m sure you’d like to see us blog on!

Thanks in advance!



15 thoughts on “SM Pledge Drive Time: Help us keep blogging!

  1. It’s not just literature. Even if they buy, say, electronics or DVDs, the site still gets a commission. For instance, if someone buys one of those new-fangled Amazon Kindle readers, SM gets $40.

  2. Just used the Amazon like to break the bank on books, glad to help. Thanks for letting me lurk while bored to death @ work :)

  3. I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance. So I sent it all to Sepia Mutiny! Go Mutineers!

  4. My lunch money is in. Ok, it was lunch for several days, but this site is worth it. You guys do a good job bringing diverse topics to my attention.

  5. I kicked in my share for samosas and chai. Do I get a certificate?

    Seriously – love the site, and I hope people support you in droves. Keep up the awesome work.

  6. Mine will be in soon as I sort out something with my paypal account today. Abhi, my Civic has your Accord beat in mileage.

  7. Abhi: Happy 4th Anniversary soon (in few months). Wish you all the luck and like they say: “Don’t let the bastards ever wear you down”. Except for random occasion folks who spend their time on SM are genuine and serious. My check is in the mail.

  8. i just did my part. Thanks and keep up the amazing work that you guys do. One day if you were to register SM as a non-profit org., you can probably get more contributions, so people can claim a deduction on thier taxes.

  9. fundamentalists who send us unintentionally humorous death threats

    How much would it cost to have those released from the bunker’s archives? Curious minds want to know.

  10. God dam, snail paced internet, broken down mac, revision and all the fun things in life, fixed up me paypal account.

    Once again, is the amazon link just