The Taliban of Manipur

Separatists in Manipur shot a man in the knees because he violated their ban on chewing zarda:

Arun Thakur is battling amputation at an Imphal hospital after he was shot at close range on his legs by suspected separatists on Wednesday. One of the assailants reportedly shouted at the barber from Bihar, who has made Imphal his home: “You are punished for chewing paan.” The attack comes a day after the outlawed separatist Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) imposed a ban on the sale and consumption of chewing tobacco products in Manipur…

Tobacco products locally known as khaini and zarda are a common form of addiction among many Indians, including a vast majority in Manipur… “The ban is meant to counter India’s evil designs of getting the younger generation hooked to such dangerous substances,” an RPF statement said.

Encouraged by the rebels, frustrated desi readers worldwide have threatened to ‘bust a cap in Random House’s ass’ if they publish one more book with mehndi on the cover.

5 thoughts on “The Taliban of Manipur

  1. A novel has been published recently about the intractable conflict in the North East and the violence and politics of the various groups there: Surface by Siddhartha Deb. In America it’s been published as An Outline of the Republic. It is a very good book indeed. Strong influences of Conrad and Graham Greene, I reccomend it to everyone, not least of all because it gives you an insight into the forgotten turmoil of the North-East Indian states.

  2. Why did you remove your ‘shorts’? It is unsightly…even if the click-rate for those postings is better now 😉

  3. This is rediculous.When will people from north-east will mature i don’t know.They are surviving because india is pumping money in north eastern states like anything. Jai Hind

  4. What is this ? when will the people of India will look us as we Indian. Then the whole crises will be over, there are lots of people from my own country India that look down to the people of north-east. Please do respect them, they are fun loving people, you said this because you have never gone through there life what they are facing and what there dreams are ?