Now here are a group of guys who’ve set out on a rather formidable task -

Here we catalog plagiarism and forgotten inspirations in the Indian movie industry. Bollywood, India’s movie industry, churns out over 800 flicks a year. But with all those numbers it’s hard for them to keep up with the creative work. So a lot of movies turn out to be ‘inspired by’ movies from all over, especially Hollywood. And at the rate they are going with good and hit movies, very soon we’ll be seeing a copy of “Plan 9 from Outer Space”. Therefore to keep ourselves, and you people of course, up-to-date with this ever increasing theme, script, scene and music stealing – or borrowing – trend in Bollywood, we have created Help us catalog Bollywood’s acts of shame!

The plot summaries & commentary are quick, witty reads – for ex. Kaante / Reservoir Dogs and Hum Kaun Hai / The Others.

I dug around, however, and couldn’t find my personal favorite – Indian Superman – notable because it didn’t restrict itself to merely copying the storyline, music, and costuming but went one better and directly spliced in the special FX footage itself. Bollywood sure knows how to economize.

For the curious, Manish recently pointed me at a clip of this landmark film available on the web where Darmendra saves a planeload of 70s-clad desi’s from tuxedo-clad hijackers.

DOH. My bad. I knew this sounded a tad too familiar. Previous SM coverage of Bollycat by Apul here.

8 thoughts on “Bollycat

  1. Great site!! Although, from the comments, it looks like you have a bunch of very upset Bollywood fans!

  2. The site, while being well intentioned, has plenty of falsely implicated movies.. Looks like they are trying a bit too hard. Like calling ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ a copy of ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, or calling ‘Lagaan’ a copy of ‘Victory’. Some of them are extreme cases.. like calling ‘Shree 420′ a copy of ‘Citizen Kane’ :-)

  3. Most hindi movies listed have no connection to the english movies they were supposed to be copied. Really not worth a second visit

  4. I’m quite surprised at the Hollywood connections (or lack thereof) with some of the films. The site is very inaccurate. Phooey.

    If you want a good site on plagiarism, try this site.

    There was a Hindi tv programme on Sony many years back which did a fine job in showing the original films and the HF copies.

  5. Quite silly & bitter really. They are angry about something but I just don’t understand what exactly! If you don’t like the movies, then dont watch them. Wierdos.