Happy New Year from Sepia Mutiny

On behalf of the mutineers, we wish all of our readers – and especially our commentors – a happy and safe New Years. If you’re ever curious what drives a labor of love like Sepia Mutiny, it’s cuz most of us obsessively hit the reload button to see the feedback and commentary generated from y’all (including and sometimes especially GC ;-) . We built this house but you guys make it a lively home.

Roughly half of the Mutineers will be welcoming the New Year in NYC while others will be in DC (and possibly LA?). If you run into any of us at a party and mention the blog, we’ll be honored. BUT, distract us too much from the revelry with a discussion of blogging, the Left/Right divide or what GC just said… well, it’ll still be interesting but… other folks at the party might catch on to what dorks we actually are. And we can’t have that.

The past 6 months have been swell — here’s to the next 12. Have fun and stay safe.

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3 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Sepia Mutiny

  1. welcoming the new year in texas with a newly busted knee.. no party for a. :( my sister and i are gonna go get coke for the goldschlager tho… great painkiller i hear.

    hope everyone is having great times for new years! party SAFE everyone. and if you don’t get everything you want in 2005…may you get everything you need.. sometimes it’s better that way :)

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