‘The OC’ has a light-brown FOX. ;)

Navi_5 I only watched a few of the first season’s episodes, and that’s probably why I never noticed that ‘The O.C.’ had a wee bit o’ brown in it.

Navi Rawat, whose father is Indian and mother is German, starred as Theresa, protagonist Ryan’s (Benjamin McKenzie) ex-girlfriend, whom he leaves Marissa (Mischa Barton) for during the season-ending cliff-hanger that 99% of Sepia Mutiny loyalists didn’t give a rodent’s butt about.

You see, Theresa is pregnant, and we don’t know if the baby is Ryan’s, so he’s doing the stand-up thing and leaving a multi-million dollar mansion in Newport Beach behind to go be with his vulnerable ex- during a tough time. The only reason I know this is because I went to the official OC site, and read the episode summary. I’ll bluntly admit that I was part of the 99%. ;)

I normally wouldn’t think that this talented young thespian’s participation in a scalding hot teen soap opera would be Mutiny-worthy, but NYU-alumna Navi has also been on “24″ (as Melanie) as well as Angel, The Street Lawyer and Fastlane. Regarding the big screen, she played “Soraya” in the noteworthy celluloid adaptation of “The House of Sand and Fog” , with other bad-ass half-brownie Ben Kingsley.

If you think she looks familiar– but you don’t watch Generation Y’s nowhere near as good version of 90210– you may have spotted her on the USA network’s “Thought Crimes“, a movie that for some reason makes me think of our Abhi. ;) Navi starred as the troubled, telepathic teen Freya McAllister in the sci-fi/spy project;

Driven mad by the din of numerous voices in her head, she is eventually recruited by the NSA as a psychic sleuth.

Anyway, ‘The OC’s season premier is just days away, on November 4th. While I toy with the notion of watching for Navi, I’m frankly more excited about the musical line-up for season 2; three of my favourite groups, including Modest Mouse, The Killers and The Walkmen are guest starring on the show. Yum.

6 thoughts on “‘The OC’ has a light-brown FOX. ;)

  1. She played Kingsley (Krishna Banji)’s daughter in the Persian wedding scene, which is strangely fitting since they’re both half desi.

  2. good looking out, manish. i should’ve clarified what role she played. :)

    also, here is an article about the whole teen pregnancy angle:

    As Theresa on the Fox hit The OC, Navi Rawat found her character unexpectedly pregnant. In real life, Rawat is far from the troubled teen she portrays and feels that kids need the correct information to make the right choices in life.
    “Personally, it was really difficult for me to portray this character and her lack of precaution, because I feel so strongly about protecting yourself not only from pregnancy but also from sexually transmitted diseases,” says Rawat, who also starred in House of Sand and Fog with Ben Kingsley. “It is definitely not something I could see happening to me. I am extremely responsible.”
    …Rawat says keeping communication channels open was really important to her growing up.
    “I come from a very different background than my character,” states Rawat, who will appear in the USA network’s Thought Crimes later this year. “I had a very strong family that guided and supported me. We talked at home about sex. It was not something that was left unsaid. You have to have an honest dialogue with your kids. Just saying ‘no’ is not enough. Kids need information so they can make good decisions.”
  3. Half-Indian on The OC! I can die happy.

    Plus, she’s now on the best reality show on TV – Project Greenlight! Unreal.

  4. “I had a very strong family that guided and supported me”

    What a family that was.

  5. I am a huge fan of the OC and u can’t just say Ryan only left his “multi million mansion” because his father had abandoned him when he was little and he couldn’t do the same to his could be child. That was a very good epiasode and alot of people also found it good so maybe u should actually watch something before you judge it. ASlso there are loads of brown haired girl in the OC so I dont understand what u are on about :(

  6. yes, i agree with the above, i think the OC is very good and i cant understand what your on bout, im sorry but i think your deluded